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FJS on their way from TA9

FJS on their way from TA9

Finish line getting ready

First team should arrive around 8 tonight

Sweco at TA9

Silva takes a swim

Robban in the water below grenforsen (after portaging it..)

Zero to hero sleeping at GZ3 tonight



Beaches of Lofoten

Beautiful but *very* cold water


Race directors

Race directors ligger på golvet och har sina tänkar mössor på.

Prizes getting a last polish


Team Herkules Sole at TA 9.

Anders Hauge comment

Anders ( Salomon Team captain) agreed on that this was his teams best
race ever. Sending love to Benita back home in Oslo!

Salomon on the way to the rafting!

FJS takes tha last strokes at Q!

Strugling against moskitos

Josefina Wikberg the support to Lundhags fighting against moskitos at
TA 11.

FJS chasing Lundhags

Only 4 km from the sleep, FJS gives 100% and are focused!

Fjs during rafting

Below rista fall


Lundhags at rista fall

11.35 Yoga Slackers pass G2

Jon Wagenius from Strapatser i Funäsdalen withdraw from the glacier
after a back pack rescue mission 20 meter under the glacier!

Team 15 leaving TA6

Leaving at 10:05 as the 5th team.